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May 8th, 2017    

Episode 168- Classic Rage, New Darksiders, & Doing The Right Thing

Chicken and Baka are struggling with Heroes of the Storm and a decided lack of map rotation. Grif has come up with a creative way to change her Dragon Age Origins experience. Darksiders 3 has been officially announced, much to the delight of our hosts! 343 Industries thinks they made a mistake with Halo 5. And a list of "classic" games and their rage inducing bosses has the crew all up in arms. All this and more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


December 5th, 2016    

Episode 151- The Game Awards & PSX

This week there's no shortage of news thanks to The Game Awards and PSX! A new trailer for Death Stranding has everyone confused. Kojima seemed uncomfortable thanks to a weirdly complementary speech. Naughty Dog announced The Last of Us Part 2, leaving everyone cautiously optimistic about what the future holds for Joel and Ellie. Remasters are all the rage with games like Wipeout and Crash Bandicoot getting relaunches. All this and so much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


December 7th, 2015    

Episode 101- Primal Fantasy Awards

This week Baka, Chicken, and Grif share more of their Fallout 4 exploits. Oak talks Tomb Raider and how he failed at it. The Game Awards were held this past week. We've got all the winners, losers, and plenty of drama to go around! The big news of the night wasn't exactly a win or a loss, it was Geoff Keighley calling out Konami for not letting Kojima attend the show. Final Fantasy VII got a new trailer. Cloud has noodle arms. Awesome. Speaking of new trailers, Far Cry Primal also got a new one to show off! The crew talks about what they did and didn't like about the new footage. TellTale announced that they're working on a Batman game. And of course, the guys finish the show off with more Fallout 4 talk. All this and much more on Infinite Respawn! 


August 31st, 2015    

Episode 87- Original Lawbreaker Kombat

This week Baka shares his progress in Dragonball Z Xenoverse. He also talks about the best way to win while making everyone angry. Oak is excited about the Gears of War Ultimate Edition. Grif and Chicken have both played Mortal Kombat X and one of them broke their controller doing so! Divinty Original Sin 2 meets all of its Kickstarter stretch goals before the goal rewards are even announced! This sequel is set to make some drastic changes and Baka and Chicken couldn't be happier! A Borderlands movie is the work so our host chat about game-to-movie adaptations both good and bad. They also take a look at the first image of Michael Fassbender in the upcoming Assassin's Creed movie. Why do gamers enjoy watching streams? Jimmy Kimmel thinks this is dumb, but our hosts and chat have other thoughts. Grif talks being scared and everyone lobbies for her to play more Five Nights at Freddy's. And Cliffy B and Bosskey unveil Lawbreakers! All this and much more on Infinite Respawn!


August 25th, 2015    

Episode 86- Disappearing Clothes And Open World Love

Still tinker with audio and what not. No worries, we've got a new mic for Chicken. Should be here soon! 

Oak started The Unfinished Swan. No one else seems to know what that game is so he elaborates. Turns out it sounds pretty neat! Grif played the 4th episode of Tales From The Borderlands. She cried. On stream.  She also made some nice headway with her Saints Row IV Let's Play. You know, if having your clothes magically disappear is "headway". Our hosts answer our backlog of Twitter questions about everything from whether or not board games count as gaming to what game items we'd like to have in real life. The gaming addictions are real! Oak shares a story about a game he and a few friends became so addicted to that one of them almost failed out of college. Baka sends Grif an awesome present that she just has to talk about. Oak sidetracks everyone with talk of gaming themed clothing lines. The new Hitman movie is garnering some pretty awful reviews. Like, reviews worse than the old Super Mario Bros movie. Yeah, it's that bad. Everyone shares their favorite open world experiences and how they came to love them. All this and so much more on this week's Infinite Respawn!
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August 17th, 2015    

Episode 85- Fallout Crack & Rainbow Guns

Another fun romp with IR crew live! We're still tweaking the settings for the live podcast so the audio is a little wonky again. We'll get it settled out soon. 

Oak started Stealth 2. He loves it but his wife thinks it's "weird". The crew discuss just how weird games can get! Twitch is attempting to play Dark Souls. Fallout Shelter is everyone's new crack! Grif explains why she doesn't play arcade games that often. Fallout 4 had leaked footage show up on a porn site. Does DLC really stand for "Disc Locked Content"? EA's Peter Moore says no, our hosts disagree in some cases. Battleborn and Overwatch are shaping up to be really interesting FPS MOBAs, our hosts share their thoughts on them. Can movies based on games ever get better? Crackdown 3's total destruction is only as complete as your ISP says it is. Twitch chat tries to give Oak a wrestler name and Grif needs a gun that shoots rainbows! The crew wraps everything up with a chat about graphics cards and upcoming streams. All this and much more on Infinite Respawn!
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July 27th, 2015    

Episode 82- “Realistic” Witcher Fallout

This week Grif shocks pretty much everyone by picking up Destiny. Yep. You read that right, she's playing Destiny. She talks surprises, let downs, mechanics, & more! Witcher 3 gets a new patch that causes a few problems. Kojima hid easter eggs in Metal Gear Solid Ground Zeroes that suggested he knew he was leaving Konami. This year's FIFA has ladies on the cover and apparently that's upsetting to some people. A support group gives game ladies more "realistic" sizes but they aren't as useful as supporters had hoped. Grif & Oak break out their soap boxes so get ready for that. Troy Baker's quitting Twitter, but here's hoping he'll be back. The Gears of War remaster gets a cinematic trailer. Spoiler: It's fantastic! Devil's Third is still launching, but it's not as exciting as it should be. Fallout Shelter's on the way to Android. Chicken's going to be doing a 24 hour Diablo 2 stream on Twitch. And speed runners are gaming for a good cause during Summer Games Done Quick. All this and more on Infinite Respawn! 


June 9th, 2015    

Episode 75- XCOM Fallout Collection

This week Bossa Studios announces I Am Bread's launch on PS4 with a rap song. It's... interesting. Grif started Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. No really, she's playing CoD. She shares what she likes about it and what she thinks they could have done better. Of course she also gets to talk about Troy Baker, but you everyone saw that coming. Oak's still working on The Last of Us and he's stuck in The Witcher 3. Turns out mutant babies are tougher than you'd expect. Speaking of The Witcher, there's a new fun fix to the cow exploit! The first inductees to the Video Game Hall of Fame have been announced. The Nathan Drake Collection is headed to PS4 this holiday season but not everyone is excited. Grif talks about her extremes in gameplay. Square Enix is working on rendering food that looks so real you can taste it. Because priorities, right? The thing everyone really wants to talk about: Bethesda announced Fallout 4! People are already up in arms about it's graphics and lack of plot. Isn't it a little early for that kind of thing? XCOM2 was also announced! Our hosts are confused about E3 dates, but they get it straightened out in the end. Black Tusk Studios is now The Coalition. Will the name change hurt them in the long rung? Oak offers to let Boss Key Productions head Cliff "Cliffy B" Bleszinski punch him in the face. Why? Reasons! Steam is now offering refunds on games purchased through the platform. Infinite Crisis wasn't actually all that infinite as the game is slated to shut down in August. Star Wars: Battlefront is offering customization but it sounds pretty limited. Grif recounts her former table top adventures and Oak decides he wants to start a campaign with his friends. All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn! 


June 2nd, 2015    

Episode 74- Pet the Clickers!

This week things get pretty scattered. Rock Band's newest entry will have a "deep and branching" plot. Does that mean it'll have weird minigames too? Where does the ketchup go? No really, where? Our hosts discuss games the regret never finishing. Hatred has launched, but seeing gameplay doesn't make Oak any more enthusiastic about it. Until Dawn gets a release date. SOMA, the game Amnesia's devs have been working on for five years, is definitely worth taking a look at. Former Irrational Games vets have made Deep End Studios and have a trailer for their horror game, Perception. Microsoft is NOT buying Silent Hills. Why did Chicken shoot Grif in the face? What about The Witcher 3 has Oak creeped out? (Probably the bugs.) Darksiders 2 is getting a re-release on PS4. Grif wants to know what Clickers faces feel like. There are puns, chats about food, and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn! 


May 26th, 2015    

Episode 73- Snowboarding Witcher Addiction

This week Oak picked up The Witcher 3! Turns out he's really enjoying it and it is awesome! It's The Witcher, of course it's awesome. Grif's still working on Far Cry 3. We think she might have a bit of an addiction to the Far Cry series. It's there a Far Cry Players Anonymous or some sort of 12 step program to help her? To be fair, she also made time to play Borderlands with friends, stream GTA V, and complete another Assassin's Creed 2 video. She's still the worst Assassin ever, though. Rockstar has filed a lawsuit against the BBC due to the GTA V docu-drama they're working on. Pac-Man and Bioware both have anniversaries. Blizzard showed off the first look at the Warcraft movie's orcs and they're opening Heroes of the Storm to the public. Borderlands 3 is on the way but when will we actually see it? Does a gamer's play style change when they're fighting real people rather than NPCs? Grif talks some serious trash about being great at SSX Tricky. Need For Speed is being rebooted and this time it'll have a real story! There's a money exploit in The Witcher 3 but can it ruin your game? All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn!