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June 4th, 2018    

Episode 216- Salty Pokemon Fallout

This week Grif finally finished Far Cry 5 but now she has more questions than answers. Both Chicken and Grif are playing Detroit: Become Human but neither are having the same experience. And Oak has been playing games he says he bought for his kids. We know they were really for him all along. In the news: Bethesda announced a new Fallout game. The latest Sea of Thieves update is live now. New Pokemon games are on the way, but they're not quite what everyone is used to. Fortnite is headed to Switch because of course it is.  Epic is looking to help indie devs. Will we see Borderlands 3 this year? Is Evolve really going away? And is there any end to this battle royale mania? All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


May 28th, 2018    

Episode 215- Ladies of War

Baka is absent this week but that doesn't mean there's a shortage of craziness on the show! Grif had to restart Far Cry 5. Both she and Chicken have started Detroit Become Human. Which one of them cried while playing? Chicken's also been working his way through Mordor in Shadow of War. Will any of these orcs every be his friend? Oak's been sailing through Sea of Thieves while he waits for the Hungering Deep expansion. In the news: Runescape is finally closing its classic servers. Apple said no to Steam's streaming option. After hearing about Overwatch pro team Shanghai Dragons' practice regiment, some people have questions about the players' well-being. Will Fortnite bring esports to the forefront? Should a game in which you play the role of a school shooter be allowed on Steam? Bethesda  is setting up Rage 2 with the games-as-a-service model but will that work out for them? People are losing their minds over having a woman on the cover of the new Battlefield game. All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


May 14th, 2018    

Episode 214- Atomic Alien Anthem

Chicken has a new mic so please bear with our test run of this new gear! As far as games go, Chicken and Baka have been playing Sea of Thieves, of course. In addition to SoT, they also tried out Darwin Project, a Fortnite-eque free to play game on Steam. It's definitely been an experience, that's for sure. Grif is SO tired of being drugged and abducted in Far Cry 5! This is why she can't be nice to people any more. In the news: Atomic Heart is a game that has just been announced and already Grif is dying for it! Sony isn't saying what they're doing with the extra money they're collecting on Overwatch's new charity Mercy skin. A guy who DDoSed World of Warcraft years ago has been sentenced to jail time. Bioware announced a solid release window for the upcoming shooter RPG, Anthem. You can now play your Steam games on your phone or tablet (some strings attached, of course). And Nintendo's announced details on the online subscription service. All this and MUCH more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!
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May 7th, 2018    

Episode 213- Debating Addictive Games

The crew is running a little short on chatter about games they've played recently. Mostly because things have just been crazy for everyone lately! One of the few things everyone did get to try out was Deep Rock Galactic. Basically, it's dwarves and awesomeness. The big topic this week is Fortnite and its addictive nature. Is it too addictive? Are parents being to lazy? Is there a better way to monitor how much time people spend on a game? Do we need that kind of monitoring? Things get pretty lively as the discussion goes on. The new Red Dead Redemption trailer definitely caught some eyes this week. One of the endings of Life is Strange is being expanded via a comic. And Grif is still having a crazy time playing Far Cry 5, which you can watch on her YouTube channel! (Link below!) All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!
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April 9th, 2018    

Episode 210- Stay A While And Listen

This week everyone's still getting their pirate on in Sea of Thieves. We're sure you're totally surprised... Also, don't trust Grif or Oak to ever be your hero. Their experiences with Far Cry 5 have proved are not good protagonists! In the news: Lawbreaks is pretty well finished but the developer, Boss Key Studios, is not. The System Shock reboot is back on track but now with less people working on it. Is Sam Fisher making a comeback? Private crews are coming to SoT. Deckard Cain is headed to Heroes of the Storm with a great ultimate ability! All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


February 5th, 2018    

Episode 202- Speculation, Loot Crates, & Delays

Even though Oak hasn't had time to play games, Grif, Chicken, and Baka have plenty to talk about! From Overwatch to Just Cause 3, there's lots of stuff to talk about! The Sea of Thieves beta is over, but Reddit users have data mined the latest update and now there's TONS of speculation as to what will be in the full game! In the news EA's adding loot crates back to Star Wars Battlefront 2 because they didn't sell enough copies to start with. You know, because adding the thing that caused people to avoid the game will definitely sell more copies... Will EA ever not be a terrible company? Will they kill Bioware? Speaking of Bioware, Anthem has been delayed again. Is anyone surprised? All this and MUCH more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


December 11th, 2017    

Episode 196- The Game Awards & Beyond!

The Game Awards were this week. We'll give you one guess as to what a bulk of the show is about... Yep! So many fun things to discuss about this years' show! From crazy passionate creators to just play crazy weirdness, there's no shortage of topics to choose from. Beyond the awards, though, we've got a little bit of news and opinions to share: Destiny 2's locking players out of content with the new DLC, Scott Cawthon stealth launched a new FNAF game, and Fortnite is getting a limited time massive 50V50 mode. All this and MUCH more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


November 7th, 2017    

Episode 191- Paris Games Week and BlizzCon!

As you can likely guess from the title, this week's show is mainly about Paris Games Week & BlizzCon news! Before we dive into that, though, Oak's got plenty of gaming to talking about. He's been pretty busy lately with AC Origins, Mario Odyssey, & more! In the news, SO MUCH GOODNESS! A new trailer for Detroit: Become Human, news about a new Overwatch hero, and lots of Sony VR, so exciting! For all you Warcraft fans, the next big expansion was announced and Vanilla WoW servers were confirmed at BlizzCon! We couldn't be more ecstatic! So much epic news this week, the show actually ran a little long! Enjoy! 


May 30th, 2017    

Episode 171- Sticky Bombs & Bags of Snakes

Everyone's pretty impressed with the new Friday the 13th game after watching a few streamers play it. No one's picked it up yet, though. Will they pick it up soon? Grif has lots of stories this week for what she's been playing. She's introduced her sister to Dying Light and GTA V. Things are ... interesting. In the news, we finally have details about Far Cry 5. Will the new information change Grif's mind about the game?  Netflix has put out a trailer for their Castlevania series and they've already renewed it for a second season. Will we ever get more details on the Witcher series they're working on? Is Nintendo partnering with Ubisoft for a Mario/Rabbids crossover? Seems like they may be! Possibly. Overwatch is celebrating a year of crazy fun with new maps, new skins, and lots of loot boxes. Red Dead Redemption 2 has been postponed until next yet. The crew discusses what they'd like to see from the game since Rockstar's spending some extra time working on it.  And Bungie addressed the concerns about peer to peer servers. Sort of.  All this and more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


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