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July 16th, 2018    

Episode 222- Lucky Treasure Hunters & Not So Shocking Surprises

This week Chicken and Baka have spent a lot of time play Heroes of the Storm. Chicken started Cuphead and so far he has no thoughts of rage quitting... So far. Grif started playing WoW again and is STILL bitter about Baka stealing an epic mount from her. Oak finished Detroit: Become Human but it was very different experience from the way Chicken and Grif played it. In the news: Uncharted's Nathan Drake has apparently never taken a bullet. Rainbow 6 Siege just got a new chat bot to moderate players and it is VERY strict. Konami shut down a fan remake of PT, surprising literally no one. A study shows more than 50% of parents in the UK allow underage kids play M-18+ rated gamed. Another thing that shocked no one. Darksiders 3 finally has a release date! All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!

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May 8th, 2017    

Episode 168- Classic Rage, New Darksiders, & Doing The Right Thing

Chicken and Baka are struggling with Heroes of the Storm and a decided lack of map rotation. Grif has come up with a creative way to change her Dragon Age Origins experience. Darksiders 3 has been officially announced, much to the delight of our hosts! 343 Industries thinks they made a mistake with Halo 5. And a list of "classic" games and their rage inducing bosses has the crew all up in arms. All this and more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


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