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February 27th, 2017    

Episode 159- Gaming Burnouts & Switch Issues

Chicken and Baka are still working on For Honor, but they've taken a break to try out Ghost Recon Wildlands. That's been quite the adventure thus far. Grif gets all agro right out of the gate after people complain about Blizzard not forcing people to take breaks while playing WoW. Is Mythic raiding getting out of hand? In a follow up to last week's story about $10K worth of missing SNES games has a happy ending! Nintendo's Switch might have a few issues at launch, we'll give you a brief rundown on that problem. Blizzard's teasing new Overwatch characters but will it be who we think it is? Future Halo games will come standard with split-screen co-op. Does this signal a return to the franchise's roots? All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!



October 12th, 2016    

Episode 143- Strange Mods Outlast

This week on the show Grif gets in touch with her inner teenager while playing Life is Strange. Oak's soccer drama continues in Fifa 17. Chicken's finally playing Pokemon now that he's caught his shiny. And of course there's news! AmazonPrime members can now support their favorite Twitch streams with subscriptions through their linked TwitchPrime accounts. The Gears of War movie that's been on-again-off-again since 2007 is back  in the works again. Will it see the light of day this time? New characters and maps are on the way for Overwatch but when will they arrive? Sony changed their minds about mods for Skyrim and Fallout 4. Mod support is on the way, PS4 players! And Oak's giddy about Outlast 2. Will he change his mind once he plays the demo? All of this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


October 3rd, 2016    

Episode 142- No Man’s Destiny

Pokemon are ruining movies? What? This year's FIFA is an RPG? Seriously? What is going on this week? There's a bit of news about the Destiny sequel. Bullestorm might actually have a remaster on the way soon(ish). Battleborn is going free to play even if Randy Pitchford refuses to call it that. And a watchdog group is looking into Hello Games and No Man's Sky for false advertising (so shocking...).  All this and more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


September 27th, 2016    

Episode 141- League of Changes

This week's podcast is a bit on the wonky side. After tons of tech problems, this week's show was recorded offline. There's issues with the audio and video here and there, apologies for those few snags. Anyway, the crew holds it together and talks news, opinions and more! WoW's making changes to lore. If you want to skip the spoilers, that portion starts at 12:00, jump ahead to 24:10. There's a game that's not an Overwatch clone but it does look really similar... Is it a copycat or not? Changes are coming to the eSports side of League of Legends and it seems like the start of a beautiful thing. Maybe this is first step to Riot making a the eSports world better for their players and team owners. And finally Ubisoft is making a few changes to The Division that they hope will allow players more freedom in their gear and builds. All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


September 19th, 2016    

Episode 140- Assassin’s Stranding

While Oak's on vacation, Chicken, Grif, and Baka hold things down on the show! Chicken's been shiny hunting in Pokemon. He's had the game for days and still hasn't even started actually playing the game! Grif's in love with Bioshock all over again. The remastered collection came out on Tuesday and she can't stop fawning over it. Speaking of remasters, Ubisoft finally officially announced The Ezio Collection. There was quite a bit of Blizzard/Warcraft news to talk about just ahead of BlizzCon. A retirement, an upstart, and some hidden goodies top the Blizz stories. Kojima talked a little more about Death Stranding. "A little" is pretty accurate considering he didn't give away much more than everyone already know. Oh and now Kojima's got a cartoon drawn of him and some buddies that everyone's sure to recognize. Why? Because... Kojima? Sure, let's go with that. All of this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


September 13th, 2016    

Episode 139- Modded Console Wars!

Oak "broke down" and bought the ARK expansion even though he said he wouldn't just a week prior. The crew talks about the validity of speaking with your wallet in today's gaming world. Then it's on to more fun stuff! Sony announced the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro. Are the new members of the PS4 family worth upgrading to? What about all this talk of no 4K Blu-Ray? Microsoft feels confident the Xbox One S and Project Scorpio can more than compete with the new PS4s. Are they right about that? Is the console war heating up again with all the new announcements? Also Sony said "no" to mods for Fallout 4 and Skyrim. Seems silly since they were ok with it before Fallout 4 launched. Odd behavior indeed! And WoW launched a companion app that means no more productive days at work for Grif! All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


August 23rd, 2016    

Episode 136- Gamescom & More

Ever wonder how to tell Oak and Grif apart? Find out this week! The show got off to a really weird start with chats about everyone's looks, but our hosts managed to pull themselves back on track eventually. Baka is playing an MMO on console and he's not so sure about the controls. Grif is excited about the impending release of Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, but Chicken gets to play their copy first. Oak's still playing No Man's Sky. Grif talks about making the "right" choices in Fallout 4. There was plenty of news out of Gamescom this year about a game everyone's been playing. Blizzard announced plenty of things for, you guessed it, Overwatch! Bastion got an animated short, Zarya is coming to Heroes of the Storm, and Blizzard is making trolls a little nicer. Recently there has been an uproar about Overwatch's Summer Olympics loot boxes. Resident Evil 7 is putting off some long time RE fans with it's latest  trailer. Will the game be in first person rather than third this time around? Will there be an option to fight back? So far it looks like a really weird game of hide and seek. Konami is showing off it's first Metal Gear game since Kojima's departure. It is definitely ... different. There's a rumor about an Assassin's Creed 2 remaster that has Grif excited. She's also excited about the Bioshock remaster which finally got a graphical comparison video this week. All this and more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast! 


July 5th, 2016    

Episode 129- Fireworks and Dragons

This week Grif's fallen back into her Fallout 4 addiction. She totally tuned out everything while working on the Automatron DLC because who needs real life when there are robots involved? Chicken and Baka are still in Overwatch bliss. When they aren't playing Overwatch, they're back to World of Warcraft. Blizzard definitely knows how to keep them hooked! Grif was ecstatic over the announcement of Bioshock: The Collection. So much so that she may ditch Chicken on his birthday just to get her plasmid fix. Call of Duty is getting dragons. Yeah, none of our hosts get it either. Resident Evil 7 isn't a ghost story but no one know exactly what it is yet. And since the the fourth of July is right around the corner, everyone shares their outrageous stories about fireworks and a total disregard for personal safety. PSA kids, don't try this at home... All this and more on the Infinite Respawn Podcast! 


April 25th, 2016    

Episode 119- World of Scooter-craft

This week on the podcast Chicken's getting ready for Dragon's Dogma. Grif actually declined helping him customize characters for the sake of everyone watching the stream. Oak checked out Lords of the Fallen and carried on with Uncharted. Grif chats about her Dragon Age companions, surprising absolutely no one. Chicken and Baka talk about Grif's continuing team killing, again surprising no one. Baka's played a lot of Pokemon lately which leads to a conversation on how the new Pokemon are being named. In the new, Ubisoft is having quite a bit of trouble with The Division. Yay bugs and glitches! Microsoft has discontinued production on the Xbox 360 and everyone shares some of their favorite 360 games. Gearbox has confirmed Borderlands 3 is their next game. Can they legitimately bring in a descendant of Scooter? And the podcast wraps up with Grif, Chicken, and Baka nerding out about World of Warcraft since the newest expansion has been announced. All this and more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast! 


March 23rd, 2016    

Episode 114- Free to Hope Collection

Heads up, there's an abrupt stop in the show due to a brief power outage, but we pick right back up! No worries!

This week we talk Rocket League, The Division, and Dragon Age Inquisition. LawBreakers is no longer free to play. The Bioshock Collection rumor is circulating again and Grif refuses to get her hopes up. Microsoft says "yes" to the idea of allowing cross-platform play with PS4 users, Sony is not so accepting. Sony did announce a price and release date for their VR. All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!

December 15th, 2015    

Episode 102- Episodic Holiday ARK

Oak finished Tomb Raider and FINALLY started Fallout 4! Is Bethesda teaching life lessons in The Commonwealth? Of course once everyone starts talking Fallout, it's hard to stop them. Luckily they managed to pull away from the topic and move on to other things. Chicken and Baka talk about their ARK tragedies. They also learn some valuable lessons through the tragedies. So at least there's that. Our hosts share some holiday gifting ideas (which you can find on our website: Fallout Shelter introduced Pets with their latest update. Grif puts everyone else's Fallout Shelter Vaults to shame. Square Enix talks about why they're splitting the FF7 reboot into episodes rather than shipping it as a full game. ARK's coming to Xbox One, but our hosts seem weary of its quality. Can an alpha build of a game survive on console? Grif talks about how her Far Cry 4 Let's Play is going. Check it out on our YouTube if you haven't! All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn! 


September 22nd, 2015    

Episode 90- Overly Attached Jump Scares

This week our hosts start the show with something not exactly gaming related as they talk about Fear The Walking Dead (no spoilers). Baka and Chicken give everyone an ARK update that includes Red's untimely demise. Grif found a new way to kill herself in Borderlands 2. Baka dreams of Legos and an army of Taco Bell-craving Reds. Oak starts Until Dawn and talks more about his recent introduction to Destiny. There's a bit of a tech issue, but after a brief outage our hosts are back to talk about the freshly announced Five Nights at Freddy's RPG. Is Scott Cawthon trying to milk the FNAF series? Konami gives up on making AAA games with the exception of PES. Will PES overtake FIFA and become the new soccer champion? Game glitches, characters we attach to, and ragdoll physics keep everyone laughing. And Oak wants to know what everyone's go-to game is. All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn! 


May 19th, 2015    

Episode 72- Squishy Assassin Conference

This week Ubisoft and Nintendo dominate the news. Last week Nintendo's usual E3 spot was nabbed by Square Enix. This weeks Square has decided to move their conference back an hour to accommodate Nintendo. Our hosts take guesses as possible E3 announcements. Oak started Borderlands 2 (finally!). Apparently everyone gets lost in Borderlands games. Grif started Far Cry 3 and it has her dying to go back to FC4. Ubisoft officially announced Assassin's Creed: Syndicate. It looks cool, but Unity looked pretty awesome at E3 last year and we all know how that turned out. In this year's AC there are carriages that can be stolen... So AC's turning into GTA? We learn why not to ask Grif for help in AC games. The Division is delayed again. Oak's picking up The Witcher 3 on the same day his new baby is supposed to be born. Will he give the game more attention than the new baby? Evolution in gaming means less loading screens! Raibow Six Siege gets a release date. The NX isn't coming to E3. The Black Glove is shelved for now. TellTale says no Walking Dead Season 3 this year, but they're working on something else. Grif laments the lack of Tales from the Borderlands updates. Ubisoft has an unannounced AAA slated for next year. Our hosts try to guess what it could be. Kojima revealed an action figure from the upcoming Metal Gear title that has cause quite a stir. Devil May Cry 4's remaster gets a release date and a price everyone can agree on. All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn!


May 12th, 2015    

Episode 71- Plastic Instruments, Goats, & Permadeath!

This week Oak Tree & Grif struggle with sleep deprivation which leads to some rather interesting topics. Nintendo is working with Universal Studios to bring their characters to theme parks. Grif finished Bioshock Infinite and now she's lost in Rapture while working on the Burial at Sea DLC. Assassin's Creed 2 is slowly making Grif go insane... Or that's what she's blaming it on at any rate. Oak's still working on Battlefield Hardline but being a good cop isn't as easy as he'd thought. Goat Simulator is getting zombies! Grif explains why she'll never die. Ever. "eSports" and "permadeath" are now in the dictionary! If VR does catch on, how insane will the peripherals get? Rare's got a big announcement for E3. Soul Calibur is asking about fan favorites when it come to characters. Harmonix anticipates a shortage in Rock Band instruments. The first Half-Life gets a fan remake and it's on Steam! WoW loses more subscribers. Rockstar adds a patch to GTA on PC that causes a lot of distress. Red started Silent Hill 2 and has only cried a few times thus far. Grif appoints a new executioner for Griftopia! All this and much more on Infinite Respawn! 


May 5th, 2015    

Episode 70- Expensive Fantasy Reboot

This week a radio talk show host has Oak Tree all fired up over comments about eSports. Grif's managing to make Assassin's Creed 2 hilarious while working her tail off! Dying Light is surprisingly good even though one of our hosts had their doubts pre-launch. There are so many different zombies!!! Our hosts talk about being burned by games and the state of AAA gaming. Batman Arkham Knight came under fire for it's expensive DLC. Double Fine's not ruling out the possibility of Brutal Legend 2. Watch Dogs 2 might be on the way, but will Ubisoft fix all the issues from the first one? Oak finished Far Cry 4 and shares his thoughts on the ending without spoilers. He's also trying to be a good cop in Battlefield Hardline. Twitter Questions are answered! Our hosts share their favorite enemies to kill, games that surprised them, and their favorite opening sequences. Five Nights at Freddy's 4 is announced. Konami officially cans Silent Hills and Grif points out why they would never have to fully reboot the series. Square Enix defends one Final Fantasy XV's character outfits. And Just Cause 3 gets a crazy new trailer. All this and much more on Infinite Respawn! 


April 28th, 2015    

Episode 69- Zombie Shark Hero

We record the show on Sundays and this week a few things were changed around Monday so some of the news is a little late. You'll forgive us, right?

Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 released another trailer. It still looks like Dues Ex. Oak's still working on Far Cry 4. Apparently he's also not paying attention and of course Grif has to point that out. Oak also started Battlefield: Hardline. Turns out it's pretty decent! Cop drama and badge flashing a plenty! Grif started Dying Light. At first she wasn't sure about the controls but now she's a parkour champ! She also enjoys killing the Hazmat Zombies for fun. She'll tell you why it's awesome! The first Gears of War is getting an HD makeover and moving to Xbox One. The new  Overlord game isn't what people were expecting. Valve is allowing mod creators to charge for their work. The Silent Hills Playable Teaser (or P.T.) is being pulled from PSN. Guitar Hero posts a few track listings that make it seem more like the game should be called "Pop Star Hero". Square Enix announces plans for their own press conference at E3 this year. Katy Perry's Left Shark is coming to World of Warcraft and Oak is somehow just hearing about the whole Super Bowl show hilarity. Our hosts answer last week's Twitter questions and talk about their favorite Mortal Kombat X Fatalities, best game soundtracks, new Five Nights at Freddy's development, character deaths, and the now infamous DLC hamburger analogy. All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn!

April 20th, 2015    

Episode 68- Educational Fatality Wars

Oak Tree's had a few beers and Grif is hopped up on caffeine, things are bound to be crazy this week! The Department of Education is looking into a way to use games for learning. GameStop is now taking retro consoles for trade in credit. Grif finished Far Cry 4 but Oak Tree is still working his way through. This game has certainly given our hosts plenty to talk about! Grif and Oak answer this week's Twitter questions. Oak's favorite video game character of all time might surprise you. They talk about their favorite characters, settings, and more! Is the violence in Mortal Kombat X too much? 2K Australia has closed its doors and Borderlands franchise director Mathew Armstrong has left Gearbox. What does this mean for the future of Borderlands? I Am Bread is finally in full release! Guitar Hero's newest edition was leaked and the officially confirmed. You can buy easier Fatalities in Mortal Kombat X. Grif goes on on killing spree in Assassin's Creed 2. Oak fangirls over all of this week's Star Wars news. And Grif talks about her co-op run of Resident Evil Revelations 2. All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn!


April 14th, 2015    

Episode 67- Divided Kombat Choices

This week Oak Tree taunts Grif with his newly purchased Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Grif vows to strangle the life out of him even though she's still recovering from a cold. Our hosts answer the Twitter questions of the week and talk about their least favorite enemies to fight. Both Oak and Grif are working on Far Cry 4. The game is posing some difficult choices and it turns out our hosts are divided on the outcome. They talk about choices in gaming and the moral dilemmas they can cause. Square Enix announced Deus Ex: Mankind Divided! Grif's excited but Oak still has to finish Human Revolution. That slacker! Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 was also announced though it didn't make as much of an impression on our hosts as Deus Ex did. Mortal Kombat X will let players try out DLC characters before buying. The guys at Controller Issues tasked our hosts with talking about racism in games. While they didn't go too deep into the subject, they did offer up some food for thought. Ken Levine's new game is going to deal with fluid relationships between characters. Our hosts discuss what that could mean and it quickly becomes apparent which of the pair is the good guy and which isn't so much. Five Nights at Freddy's gets a movie deal. GTA V finally comes to PC but it's packaged on 7 discs for those getting the physical copy! LEGO is making a Skylanders-esque game. 16 year old Age of Empires 2 is getting new DLC. WoW game time tokens are out and the price has been fluctuating like crazy! Conker gets a revival inside Project Spark. And our hosts come full circle and wind things down with a chat about the wildlife in Far Cry 4. All this and much more on Infinite Respawn!


April 7th, 2015    

Episode 66- Sunset Overlords & Angry Honey Badgers

This week things get a little crazy. Actually, maybe that's just the norm for our hosts at this point. Regardless, there's lots to talk about! Grif has had a change of heart and has also apparently become our new Overlord. All Hail Grif? Oak's been working on Far Cry 4 and the wildlife still hates him. Grif started Far Cry 4 but she's having a little trouble with the main character. She's also still dying to get her hands on Borderlands: The Handsome Collection. Will Oak end up picking it up before her? The main news this week revolves around Nintendo. Their most recently announced Amiibo wave is already sold out! Splatoon and Mario Maker get release dates and both of our hosts are excited to get their hands on these games. So much so that Oak Tree proposes a community event within Mario Maker! Attack on Titan has a 3DS game on the way. There's news that didn't really seem like "news" dealing with Batman Arkham Knight and the upcoming Gears of War game. Sunset Overdrive gets a price drop and Oak might finally go pick it up. Oak and Grif come up with a new game for the show. It's like Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon only instead of KB, they swap in industry juggernauts Troy Baker and Laura Bailey. All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn!


March 24th, 2015    

Episode 64- Tales from the Konami Soap Opera

This week Oak Tree attempts to predict the release dates for things like Shape Up 3, Half-Life 3, and Just Dance 47. Grif finds a reason to be interested in VR finally. The Skyrim Soap Opera continues though Grif didn't have as much time to play as she'd like. Oak Tree finds stress relief with Super Mario World 3D and Grif sits down to play Tales From The Borderlands episode 2 not once, but twice! Handsome Jack has our hosts debating their moral standings and discussing why it's ok to like the bad guys. The upcoming Roller Coaster Tycoon World is under fire about disappointing graphics. Five Nights at Freddy's creator Scott Cawthon donates a nice chunk of change to a great charity. The Goat Simulator goat might be coming to Dota 2! #VoteForTheGoat! The upcoming Walking Dead game from Overkill is set to be very Payday-like but set in a larger world. We've got news about the God of War and Gears of War remasters. Nintendo talks going mobile and mentions a new console is in the works. Kojima may be leaving Konami. Grif speculates on why the publisher might have kicked the storied director to the curb. All this and much more on Infinite Respawn!


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