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July 24th, 2017    

Podcast 178- TellTale’s Awesome & ARK Gets Expensive

This week everyone gets caught up in arguing about who the best liar is when it comes to playing Deceit! Grif's checking out Mass Effect Andromeda but is it as good (or bad) as everyone says? Oak, Chicken, & Baka have been struggling in PUBg. Will they ever get that coveted Chicken Dinner? In the news, TellTale announced not one but three new games in the works! New Wolf Among Us, Batman, and the final installment in the Walking Dead series are all on the way! ARK devs are struggling to justify their $60 price tag before launch. And Grif gets a surprise visitor just before the end of the show. All this and more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


June 26th, 2017    

Episode 175- Mods, Legal Action, & Pirates

This week both Oak & Chicken are excited to finally have their very own Nintendo Switches. Is it all they hoped it would be? Grif is punching people in GTA V. Problem? What problem? She's totally fine. Speaking of GTA, Rockstar sent a cease and desist letter to the developer of of OpenIV, the biggest GTA V modding platform out there. Fans are not happy and they're complaining about it via Steam's review system. Ubisoft confirms Skull and Bones will have a campaign but just how will that fit with the multiplayer driven trailer they showed at E3? Bioware could be gearing up for 10 years worth of Anthem. Sounds familiar, huh Destiny? And the Steam Summer Sale has started! Time to spend pennies on games you may not play for years to come! All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


February 13th, 2017    

Podcast 157- Goodbye Greenlight, Hello VR

Oak's playing GTA V randomly which sparks some interesting conversation. Chicken and Baka have been playing the For Honor beta and they're ready to go own people once it's fully released this week. Grif is finding out just how much she and her sister have in common as they bond over video games. In the news,  Valve is working on full VR titles and finally eliminating the Greenlight program. Oak & Chicken debate details of VR hardware and how expensive the final products might be. E3 will be open to everyone this year but the tickets are a little pricey. Are they letting the public in to foot the bill for failing interest on the commercial side? All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


September 6th, 2016    

Episode 138- Walking Legion Ark

It's been a busy week for the IR crew! Chicken, Baka, and Grif came down with a case of Legion fever starting around 2am Tuesday morning. Seems like it's not letting up! The new World of Warcraft expansion has definitely got them talking about all the things that Blizzard really wowed them with. (harhar) In news not related to the the MMORPG titan, TellTale's made a few announcements about release dates. Chicken is looking forward to the next episode of the Batman game as well as a new season of Walking Dead. Is he possibly too attached to Clementine? Early Access title ARK: Survival Evolved has just released it's first "finished" paid DLC. Yes, a game that isn't even in full launch is releasing paid DLC packs. The reviews are understandably mixed. A remastered Mass Effect collection is now off the table. The CoD Modern Warfare remaster is still strapped to Infinite Warfare, but will it stay that way? All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


February 9th, 2016    

Episode 108- PAX South Recap

Three out the for podcasts hosts just returned from PAX South! Bet you can guess what the major discussions were about. Yep, PAX South! Grif has the PAX Pox and sounds a little rough, but that doesn't stop her from geeking out with the guys about everything at the expo. Baka and Chicken are completely amped up about Dreadnought, an upcoming multiplay ship battling game. The crew tried HTC's VR rig. The whole experience was much more educational than any of them had thought it would be. Grif fawns over Cliff Bleszinski's keynote; she even goes so far as to claim Cliff is her spirit animal. Yeah, that's not weird. Oak's jealous that the crew got to meet and chat with one of his favorite streamers, CohhCarnage. Chicken's excited about the idea of an upcoming Friday the 13th game, but would he be a team player in it? All this and so much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


January 19th, 2016    

Episode 106- Not-So-Stealthy Head Crabs

Tech issues continue to plague the IR crew and it eventually causes Oak to drop from the show this week. Our hosts chat about everything from Chicken's new adventure with Grim Dawn to Nintendo's Seal of Excellence. Baka found a Cthulhu board game that he's pretty excited about. Grif and Baka finally test out Assassin's Creed Unity's multiplayer. It's not that great. No matter how good the multiplayer could have been, nothing can fix Grif's complete failure when it comes to stealth. Grif gets to be the hero for her ARK tribe. Chicken's excited about the re-release of Resident Evil Zero but the number scheme confuses Grif. Baka and Chicken decided to try out Star Wars Battlefront. There are rumors of GTA V story DLC again. Valve approved a fan-made Half Life add on. It comes to light that Grif's never played any of the Half Life series and Baka shares his thoughts on head crabs. Brooklyn gets cut from The Division. eSports finally has its own section on the ESPN website. Is Halo extreme enough to warrant its place at the X-Games this year? All this and more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


January 11th, 2016    

Episode 105- Pricey VR & Post-Apocalyptic Wrestlers

ARK turns into more business than pleasure. Ok, not really, but sometimes you have to manage that game like a business. So of course everyone's talking ARK. Oak found a mobile game called Bike Race Pro that he enjoyed while away on a business trip. Grif doesn't understand why everyone else isn't into Tetris like she is. An unauthorized Star Wars game makes $18,000 on Kickstarter before the project is pulled. Speaking of Star Wars, our hosts theorize on what movie James Cameron might make to reclaim his box office top spot. The Oculus Rift finally gets solid pricing and a release date, but is it out of everyone's price range? Of course this topic spurs a whole conversation about possible VR titles and ideas. Half Life's writer leaves Valve so... no more Half Life 3? And to wind things down, everyone talks about some fun Fallout 4 mods! All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn Podcast!


January 4th, 2016    

Episode 104- New Year, Same Crack

Everyone is stuck on ARK: Survival Evolved. While the actually gaming news is a bit slim, there's no shortage of ARK stories to share. Grif may or may not be playing her newest crack game, Cities: Skylines, during this episode. (Spoiler: She totally is!) Our hosts talk about some of the highlights from Christmas. Final Fantasy 7 is getting a full voice cast but it might be losing some of the minigames people really loved. Steam had a bit of a fail over the holiday that shared more than they should have. Everyone talks about games they're looking forward to in the coming year and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn! 


December 28th, 2015    

2015 Year In Review

This week's show isn't our traditional podcast, but rather a review of this year's best and worst games! There might have been alcohol involved as well. Regardless, everyone has a good time recounting some of their favorite games from 2015.


December 21st, 2015    

Episode 103- Dino MMOs and Destiny

This week EVERYONE is playing ARK. Finally the game has made the jump from PC to Xbox One so Oak finally gets to join in on the dinosaur chat! There's success stories, fails, and some really random moments from the island. Chicken started Elder Scrolls Online with Vald. Kojima has officially left Konami and joined forces with Sony. Phantom Squad is poised to ruin gamers' Christmas again this year by taking down PSN and XBL. Bunige and Activision are now selling character boost for Destiny. All this and much more on this week's Infinite Respawn!